Breathtaking Bhutan

This week, PhotoDonut takes you to breathtaking Bhutan, a tiny kingdom nestled high in the Himalayas, and considered by many to be the last  “Shagri-La”. Travel across swaying steel footbridges adorned with tibetan prayer flags and chew stimulating Betel Nuts with locals as you encounter a rich network of mountainous villages and majestic monasteries.

With these images, PhotoDonut’s monochrome and impressionistic color effects are seamlessly combined to maximize visual impact and focus the viewer’s attention. Try them out for yourself on photos from your own adventures and share them on our Facebook Fan Page!

And don’t forget to visit next week for another trip around the world.

Happy Donuting!

bhutan-06-bhutani-landscape bhutan-05-himalaja bhutan-04-suspended-bridge-between-paro-and-timpu bhutan-03-tiger-nest bhutan-02-betel bhutan-01-simtokha-dzong

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