All about the PRO subscription

Save your styles

In the PRO version you can save and re-use your own styles with your choosen properties.


Buy a subscription

You can choose from different subscriptions which is the best for you.
Find them in the StyleShop – Software and subscriptions.

Packs in the Shop

With PRO subscription, you got all the paid and free stuff from the StyleShop for free.
You just need to choose from them.

Buy your own

Create and share your own best custom styles with the world
and earn some extra dough in the StyleShop.

Style Editor 

Build complex styles with the
intuitive and powerful node-based filter graph editor.

 Freehand painting

In Freehand painting, just grab a brush and transform the image with more control. In Clone mode, strokes conform to the detected patterns of the original image, allowing freedom with precision.

Batch processing

Batch processing allows users to apply the same styles onto many pictures. It can be managed in a few clicks by placing the desired images into the same folder.
After running all the pictures, the freshly “Donuted” images will be waiting for you.



  • Free styles
  • Premium content
  • PRO features


$10 / $99

Per Month / Per Year
  • Free styles
  • Premium content
  • PRO features
Go Pro!