Stolen Moments in The Eternal City

It’s sometimes said about Rome, that “one lifetime isn’t enough” to capture and grasp it’s beauty.  This may be true, but it certainly hasn’t stopped us from trying! This week we bring you a series of stolen glimpses into the the eternal city, a place laden with history as well as contemporary life.

Whether it’s a fresh plate of pasta or the ancient curving facade of the colosseum, PhotoDonut’s stylistic tools highlight and strengthen the aesthetic impact of these photos with ease.

Notice the way the “On The Way Back Home” stylepack creates ephemeral lighting effects and soft glowing edges.  Subtle textures (created using the PhotoDonut “Texturizer”) tie everything together nicely.

We hope these images inspire you to seek out new destinations in PhotoDonut!

Happy Donuting!

rome01_ontheway rome02_ontheway rome03_ontheway rome04_ontheway rome05_ontheway rome06_ontheway

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