The Impermanent Delights of Istanbul

It has been said that Istanbul is a “city with the soul of a village.” Walking around its meandering streets or staring at its distinctive skyline full of minarets, one can certainly see truth in this statement.  It’s here in this bustling and culturally complex city of mosques and markets that east meets west, and the ancient meets the modern.

These images pay homage to this great city and showcase the power of PhotoDonut’s “Impermanent Delight” stylepack, featuring stunning textural effects and color rendering.  Take a moment to consider the scale of Hagia Sofia, a building unmatched in size for hundreds of years.  Or the ancient underground cistern of Basilica, where koi fish gently splash in the waters below your feet.  Take a trip across the Gallata bridge, where dozens of local fisherman haul in their daily catch and fry it up fresh for hungry passersby. Once again, PhotoDonut brings these scenes to life in a way that a normal photograph simply can’t!




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